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Problem with download station plugin : synology Hello all, Does anyone else have problems with downloading files from recently? I have premium account, configured and seen as premium in the DS plugin configuration, but when I'm trying to download anything, i only get html file of the download page (so for example instead of **.mkv file I'm getting a url file pointing to the page on site). Is Any Good? Head-On File Storage Review (2020) has rebranded itself as a cloud storage site, after experiencing significant problems with its previous area of specialty. This has certainly led some consumers to speculate on whether or not is safe , but despite this perception, the company has built up a …

An overall joke of a company. If you need to host files or need to download, use a company such as rapidgator. Even with a paid membership with, the limits are crazy low. With rapidgator, I've NEVER hit my limits, but I wanted to try uploaded because of slightly cheaper prices, and well, you get what you pay for, garbage.

Probleme mit! (Internet, Account, Upload) Hi . ich habe einen premium account und (seit neuem) eine 50000er Leitung, wenn ich jetzt was über Uploaded downloaden will, dann lade ich aber nur mit 1,5Mb/s obwohl ich mehr könnte

Probleme Upload IT auf - is in English on Google but it is in German is opening in english for me. Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache. In order to try to fix these problems, the first step is to clear both cookies and the cache. Note: This will temporarily log you out of all sites you're logged in to. To clear cache and cookies do the following: premium account | - Support. If you have problems, support from is available to you during the week. You can make inquiries using the contact form, by telephone at +1-800-935-0734, or by e-mail at Processing time is generally 1-2 work days (except for telephone inquiries). This may be longer for more complex problems. Troubleshoot uploading problems – Help Center * * * * * If none of these steps make a difference, contact us with a detailed description of everything you've tried and the results you're getting. Slow uploads. In general, the amount of time it takes to upload a video to Vimeo is outside of our control. down? Current status and outage history