Let's go beyond VPN and/or TOR alone, and roll up our sleeves. The best you can do without leaving home is to encrypt all of your DNS traffic (HTTP(S)/VoIP/XMPP/Skype

How to avoid ISP's from knowing you are torrenting : torrents Peer block isn't useless. I've been torrenting ever since you paranoid freaks have been sucking on your Mama's tit and haven't received a single C&D. On top of that, courts have ruled that an IP can't be used to prove identification of anyone. How to Hide Your IP Address | PCMag Jan 26, 2018 How to block ISP tracking | NordVPN Jun 22, 2020

Oct 29, 2015

Jan 17, 2017 Your ISP Is Watching You: Learn How To Go Incognito Online Dec 11, 2019

Aug 02, 2018

A VPN is an excellent choice for blocking your ISP from throttling your traffic, especially P2P/Torrenting traffic. A good VPN encrypts the data you are sending and receiving, directing it through a protected tunnel. Your ISP will be able to see that you’re sending and receiving data, but it won’t be able to tell what kind of traffic it is. How to Bypass ISP Throttling 2020 [Guide] Jul 01, 2020