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Jun 20, 2017 · /nfs box1(rw,sec=krb5,anongid=1004) 3. Re-export (-r) all (-a) the NFS shares. Adding verbosity to the output (-v) is a good idea since it will provide helpful information to troubleshoot the server if something goes wrong: The configuration files for the NFS export service are /etc/exports and /etc/sysconfig/nfs.In addition to these files, /etc/idmapd.conf is needed for the NFSv4 server configuration with kerberized NFS or if the clients cannot work with numeric user names. Feb 15, 2014 · Output and Config Info From Failed Kerberized NFS mount: Both client and server have secure NFS set to yes and name resolution is fine: Code: [root@nfs-client Tomas, I followed your recommendation to practice with RHEL 7.0 and not CentOS 7.0 given as a response to my comment in your FreeIPA setup guide and have practiced steps given in this guide, the part about mounting Kerberized NFS shares when only keytabs are given when both NFS server and client are RHEL 7.0 and: I'm using FreeIPA for LDAP/Kerberos and I've created a principal for a storage appliance (Dell/EMC UnityVSA VM). I have setup the VSA with a keytab from IPA, I've also setup within the VSA the LDAP configuration and created a NAS with support for Kerberized NFS shares. Both IPA and VSA aren't reporting any issues and things look nominally fine Oct 15, 2015 · Once we have Linux computers joined to AD domain and running, we can also enable Kerberized NFS, Let's assume AD domain 'EXAMPLE.COM': On all computers enable 'secure nfs' - on RHEL-6 and older we do so in config file /etc/sysconfig/nfs (enable 'SECURE=yes'), on RHEL-7 and newer enable nfs-client target (systemctl enable nfs.client) Make sure clock… Configure the NFS server as an NFS client, following the directions in Section 11.3.2, “Setting up a Kerberized NFS Client”. Setting up a Kerberized NFS Client Obtain a Kerberos ticket before running FreeIPA tools.

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AFS is a file-sharing system comparable to NFS, Apple File Protocol, NetBIOS, or Netware Core Protocol. It allows "client" work stations to access files from a remote file "server." AFS is under active development. If you need to use rlogin for machines which do not run the kerberized rlogin daemon, you need to run klog after you rlogin. A

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